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Architecture and Energy, in cooperation with KnaufInsulation, has developed new software for calculating energy characteristics and determining the energy class of buildings.


With great pleasure, we present KnaufTerm3D - an expert system that works on the principle of getting the most accurate results for as short a time as possible.


KnaufTerm3D was created on the evolution of KnaufTerm2Pro, which took over 10,500 users in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.


Our new software operates in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia: Rulebook on Energy Efficiency of Buildings and the Ordinance on conditions, content and method of issuing certificates on the energy properties of buildings.

The main difference in relation to KnaufTerm2 is in a 3D modeler, which simulates the building in a simplified and quick way in order to define the basic geometric characteristics of the building (gross and net area and volume of the building, gross and net surface and position orientation ...)


The software is primarily intended for engineers who deal with the energy efficiency of objects, but also for all people who want to try a new approach in modeling.


We are proud to point out that KnaufTerm3D is a unique software in our market and its main characteristics are:

  • The balance between time spent on creating a sufficiently precise 2D / 3D building model and obtaining satisfactory precise results is optimized.


The program is designed to model the vast majority of project design solutions in practice and in this sense meets the dominant needs, and at this stage of development it is not planned to model objects whose geometry is based on complex, e.g. organic forms.


  • Automated determination the typology of the position(s) of the object.

The program recognizes whether it's a facade wall, flat or perhaps a piece of roof, and so on. In this sense it helps the user to free him from worrying about correct systematization on the one hand, and on the other hand contributes to the accuracy and reliability of the results.



  • Automated determination of the orientation


towards the sides of the world of the positions of thermal shells exposed to the sun: walls, windows, wall curtains, slopes and flat roofs ...


  • Linking 3D model with calculation module

A simplified geometric model is created by creating spaces / rooms, not individual positions, and it can not happen that some positions are deliberately or accidentally omitted, since the created spaces are completely closed.



  • Working with Zones, Levels, Groups, Rooms...


It is possible to design multiple functional zones in one building, with different purposes and characteristics (for example, a business zone on the ground floor and a staple on the floors). It is also possible to define multiple levels in each zone, with an arbitrary number of groups (eg. 4 apartments on the floor). In each group it is possible to define several different rooms so that the program provides data on the characteristics of each room, each group and each zone, depending on how much the user has modeled the building in detail.


  • Fast modeling and accurate results

The user is free from worrying about the time-consuming procedure of measuring and entering geometric sizes into the program, because now the program works automatically, based on the projected 3D model. Data falsification, as well as accidental and intentional errors related to geometric data on individual positions and buildings as a whole, has been eliminated.




The price of KnaufTerm3D was formed on the assumption that the return on investment is possible after only one project!

The demo version is promoted with the goal of receiving feedback from you as a user, in any form: praise, criticism, recommendation, in order to correct the program in the next test period and supplement it with your suggestions.


The demo version has certain functional limitations, in line with the character of the promotional software, and read more about all the accompanying files that you receive with the program.

The commercial version of the KnaufTerm3D program is available on sale from

December 9, 2018.

For more information, contact us at or download ORDER FORM.